There was a Cataclysm.

No one alive today remembers any of it, not the humans, certainly, nor the beast races – but neither do the dwarves, or the elves. Some say the world burned, some say it froze. There are those who say it cracked open. Some say that the Old World is truly lost – that this world, right now, is a patchwork of dozens of other worlds, thrown together by the Cataclysm. But in truth, no one knows what happened, exactly.

Now, civilization lives only in two places. On the earth, there are the Protectorates – bastions of peace in the midst of the wilderness. That there are several is known – but exactly how many is not. They are thought to all be the same – 100 mile diameters domains, bounded by massive walls of stone 50 meters thick and 250 meters high (165 feet thick and 820 feet high), their surface smooth as glass, unmarred by chisel or time. Not made of hewn stone from a quarry – stone from deep in the earth, lifted toward the heavens.

Civilization lives in the Sky-Cities as well, drifting lazily among the clouds. How many there are, exactly, is not known. WIndships ply the skies, carrying merchants and goods from city to city, and from sky to earth – almost. The ships come no closer to the earth than the highest tower of the Imperial Palace – 155 meters from the ground (about 510 feet). They trade luxuries for necessities – silk for water, gold for food.

Outside the walls, beneath the skies, the world is savage, deadly, untamed. A vast wilderness, dangerous and unforgiving. Better to stay safe, behind the walls. Nothing out there can breach them. There is no gate. No window. No passage.

There is no way in. There is no way out.

Or is there?

Frontier is an exploration heavy, sandbox style game. The ultimate goal for the PC’s is to tame enough of the wilderness that a colony can be started. Along the way they will find various relics from the Old World, strange creatures, and new races.

Frontier is a Palladium Fantasy game set in a custom world. In addition, character backgrounds were generated using Central Casting: Heroes of Legend. Some additional material for the game is being pulled from different web resources as well.


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